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Deep Loam 10 - The 5010 V5

The 5010 has gained the most ardent following of any bike in the Santa Cruz range since it was first released back in 2013. Ask any Stif staffer what the ‘best bike’ is and you know what response you are getting! 130mm rear travel paired with a 140mm fork upfront, it has all the travel you need and none you don't, bringing even the most mundane trails to life. With the newest iteration of the 5010, the bike has made the jump from full 27.5” to an MX setup, which has added a whole other dimension to the bike. The fun, playful nature of the previous model remains while the larger front wheel and even more refined suspension further adds to the capabilities of the 5010.

What's New?

As previously mentioned, the 5010 is now running on MX wheels. Gaining a 29” front wheel paired with a 27.5” rear means maximum grip and roll-over ability, whilst retaining the playfulness of the previous generations. It’s no longer just the little bike! Geometry wise, the 5010 has been slackened out a touch up front and has gained a few millimetres of reach. The wheelbase, too, has grown by about 15mm to accommodate the larger front wheel. This longer wheelbase coupled with size specific chainstay length allows the rider to benefit from the approach angle and grip up front that MX wheels bring without needing to leave the cornering sweet spot for good weight distribution. The bottom bracket height remains where it’s always been on the 5010; close to the ground for maximum cornering fun. A size-specific layup stiffness helps create a consistent ride feel across the size range. This means larger riders on larger sizes get the same snappy, responsive feel from the chassis as an extra small!

For the latest iteration Santa Cruz have made some suspension refinements, finding a balance of support and grip to maximise the bike’s descending and big-hitting capability. Starting by significantly reducing anti-squat by 16% at its peak, to provide a sensitive, ground-tracking ride and reduced effects of pedal kickback. The 5010 also now has a very straight, highly progressive leverage curve to give the rider plenty of support when pushing through corners and bottom-out resistance when sending it a bit too deep. This means the travel is more accessible and bigger impacts aren’t as harsh as you’d expect from a 130mm travel bike!

As with all updated Santa Cruz models the 5010 has now gained Glovebox in-frame storage. The innovative design has a super high quality fit and finish, including a Tube Purse and Tool Wallet designed to hold everything that you might need to be self-sufficient when out riding. The Tube Purse fits a tube perfectly and the Tool Wallet will hold a mini pump, multi tool, CO2, the all important trail snacks and whatever else you might need! Speaking of holes in the frame, a new sag window has been included in the 5010 to make setting up your suspension a breeze.

Ride Feel

The 5010 has always been the bike made for maximum fun on the trails. It’s hard not to use the word ‘playful’ when talking about the 5010, as that describes the ride so well - It turns everything into a take-off! The aggressive but comfortable geometry lends itself to an all day adventure bike that can handle it’s own on rowdy descents. The low bottom bracket and short rear end make it a dream to rip around corners - it’s one of the best handling trail bikes on the market! The bike is super easy to throw around on the trail and the refined suspension does an incredible job of smoothing out rougher trails without giving up any of that liveliness that the 5010 is renowned for. Stif Staffer and resident mechanic Callum says it's the best bike…period! Having access to several bikes he always finds himself gravitating to his 5010 for weekend laps. He loves how it can pop off any feature and corners like on rails - it brings the trail alive!

Build Kits

Beginning with the more basic but trusty C R kit build, this option has everything you need to get out on the trails. Featuring a plush Rockshox Pike base fork upfront and Fox DPS shock out the back, Sram’s dependable 12 speed NX Eagle drivetrain and powerful Guide T brakes. The range tops out at the super refined, light and energetic X01 AXS Reserve bike with Ultimate level Rockshox suspension, AXS X01 drivetrain and Reserve carbon hoops. Whatever your demands and must-haves we have a 5010 to suit you!

Santa Cruz 5010 C S-Kit

The model we all ride and probably the best bang for your buck. A 140mm Rockshox Pike Select+ fork paired with a RockShox Super Deluxe Select+ shock provides a controlled, damped ride, while the Sram GX Eagle drivetrain and G2 R brakes use trickle down technology from their top spec companions at a more affordable price. You may lose a few bells and whistles compared to the top of the range component options but that doesn’t mean performance or quality has to be compromised - this is a bike built to handle whatever you can throw at it. Maxxis Minion DHR II tyres front and rear are featured on all 5010 builds in proper compounds which is great to see - it’s one of our favourite tyres and will make sure you and the bike stay rubber side down!

Santa Cruz 5010 Carbon CC X01 AXS Reserve Kit

The X01 AXS Reserve carbon wheel equipped 5010 is the top-spec offering for the new 5010. It’s the lightest and most refined build available – it’s the icing on the cake to 5010’s already special recipe. The bike has a range-topping suspension package from Rockshox, with a 140mm Pike Ultimate fork and 130mm Super Deluxe Ultimate shock both including the new Charger 3 and RC2T dampers for unparalleled adjustability. Featuring the latest carbon cranks, wireless shifting and X01 10-50t Sram Eagle groupset from Sram, it not only looks slick but works better than ever too. Sram’s excellent G2 RSC brakes provide the stopping power with unrivalled consistency and control. Santa Cruz Reserve Carbon wheels finish off the build using the highest quality carbon rims on the market. Their damped, buzz muting ride, incredible strength and no quibbles lifetime warranty make for uncompromised performance on the trail.

Bikes in-stock, Ready to Build

We have a massive range of 5010’s in-stock and ready to ship at both of our stores. Get in touch with any questions - you could be on your new bike sooner than you think!

Lifetime Warranty

Any option you choose is covered by Santa Cruz's Lifetime Warranty on both the frame and bearings. This also covers the Carbon Reserve wheels if specced on your new 5010.

For more information or to take a look through all the build options for the Santa Cruz 5010, you can also contact us by phone, email, live chat or pop in store for a coffee and take a look at the bikes we have built in both of our showrooms. We also have demo 5010’s available to try!

How Does It Compare?

The 5010 is the shortest travel bike in Santa Cruz MX wheeled line up, followed by the 150mm Bronson and the 170mm Nomad. Compared to these bikes, the 5010 is a much more lively ride with its steeper head angle and shorter wheelbase. The bike really shines on more mellow, flowing trails - as you go up the range, the geometry gets more aggressive and the intentions get rowdier!

The Bronson

Like the sound of the 5010 but looking for a bit more for those ‘oh s**t!’ moments? With a 160mm fork and 150mm rear shock, the Bronson mirrors the 5010’s made-for-fun traits and quick handling MX wheel package, just with a bit more travel. Find out more about the Bronson here.

The Nomad

Live at the local bike park or constantly seek out the biggest, steepest freeride lines? The MX wheeled 170mm Nomad sounds like it could be the bike for you. The Nomad’s forte is being ready and willing to go big, wherever, whenever - there isn't much the bike can’t handle! Check out the Nomad here.

The Tallboy

Looking for a short travel bike but full 29” wheels more your thing? The Tallboy is the razor-sharp smaller travel sibling, 120mm rear travel paired with a more lightweight XC/trail focused build kit makes for an extremely nimble ride – if you’re looking to mix shredding with XC hot laps then the Tallboy could be for you. Check out the Tallboy here.