Stif x Ride Bristol | 13.10.22

Last year, you helped us transform the lower half of SuperNova.
Help Us Finish What We Started

Once the diggers are done, we’ll need your help once more to put the finishing touches to the top section of the Supernova trail at Ashton Court.

Here at Stif Mountain Bikes we take huge pride in supporting Ride Bristol in their mission to support and grow the incredible off-road cycling scene in Bristol by building, maintaining and fundraising for an extensive and varied local trail network for all. We chose Bristol as the location for our second store as it’s very unique, there are not many cities in the UK that can boast the variety of trails you find here

Pedal just over three miles from Bristol train station and you’ll find an off-road heaven, with riding for all abilities suiting MTB’ers and drop-barred gravelers alike. All the trails are accessible via the National Cycle Network and easily reached from the city. Stif are grateful to have the opportunity to help support maintain and grow this superb network of trails in the city and keep local riders riding the trails we all love to ride

Ashton Court is a stand out location in Bristol, a riding location suitable for riders of all abilities. It’s great venue with purpose built trails you can ride in all weather conditions, all year round, free of charge!

In 2021 Stif provided a cash donation, whilst aiding in the redesign and build of the Supernova trail at Ashton Court, which is a more challenging, half-mile optional loop of the Nova trail. It’s a fast-paced, fun and flowing trail with challenging berms and rock-gardens. Last year, alongside the guidance of Architrail we completed the transformation of the lower half of the trail. However now is time to finish what we started and continue the development of the upper section.

What became immediately evident in 2021, was that all the cash, raw materials and trail designs won’t rebuild the trail on it’s own. The actual transformation took place though the hard work and boundless energy of the amazing volunteers who offered their time to create something very special. So in order to make this happen again we are reliant on the enthusiasm of some awesome individuals once more.

From Friday 25th to Sunday 27th November, alongside Ride Bristol we will be hosting ‘Dig Days’, in the same format as 2021. Once the guys from Architrail and their diggers have left on Thursday after a week of work, we will set to put the finishing touches to the top section of the trail. This is where we need your help, without your energy we simply can’t make this happen.

The dig days will be split into six AM and PM sessions over the three days. So please head over to to reserve your space on a dig day. Time is your most precious commodity and as a way of expressing our gratitude, each attendee will receive a complimentary Stif ‘Goodie Bag’.

For more information the project and please visit to

Head over to Ride Bristol for all the details

Ashton Court Estate

• BS8 3PX •

Friday 25th Nov • Saturday 26th Nov • Sunday 27th Nov

See You There