We've got it, you can sit back and relax, we will be in touch!

We are waiting to be informed of the status of your order by V12 Finance

Upon receiving confirmation of your completed and accepted application, one of our sales staff will be in touch (usually by phone) to confirm your details and discuss any lead-times that may be involved. When your order is ready to ship, we will be in touch again to arrange delivery at a time that is convenient for you. Please Note: the terms of the finance agreement require us to ship your order to the billing address that relates to your application for finance and someone will need to be at that address on the date agreed to accept the delivery.

We aim to get in touch as soon as possible, but can only do so during working hours - (Monday-Saturday, 9:30am-5:30pm.)

In the meantime, details of your order can be found in the order confirmation we have emailed to you

Thanks Again, the Stif team.