Santa Cruz' Virtual Pivot Point (VPP™) Suspension

Santa Cruz Megatower VPP

What Santa Cruz say…

Patented design

VPP is based on the patented principle of having two short links rotating in opposite directions. This system provides huge design flexibility, allowing us to manipulate shock rates to the intended purpose and character of each model; from short travel endurance bikes to World Championship winning DH machines.

Principles are one thing, understanding them are another. What really sets Santa Cruz apart is the deep knowledge we've gained over the years on how to tune VPP into all the various shock, drivetrain, wheel size and travel configurations to create the perfect balance. We don't need to come up with new suspension gimmicks each year. We just keep refining our winning one.

Santa Cruz Megatower VPP

Short and sweet

Short counter-rotating links connect the front and rear triangles to create an extremely robust chassis. Simple linkages contain the pivot points to prevent slop from developing over time; grease ports make it serviceable; pivots run on large diameter axles and bearings, which we offer free lifetime replacement for.

Santa Cruz Megatower VPP

A lifetime of joy

With grease ports on the lower link providing super easy maintenance and a lifetime support on all bearings, the VPP system is guaranteed to keep running forever (*or at least a very very very long time).

Santa Cruz Megatower VPP

Our take on this…

Santa Cruz bikes ride sick, that’s pretty much it!

Once your setup with the correct pressure and sag in both the rear shock and fork, you sit a sweet spot that doesn’t bob or sap you of energy when pedalling, no matter which model you ride.

Each model has been tuned for the best possible result from the VPP design which is why the 170mm Nomad can still pedal uphill better than any other brands long travel bike and it’s why the Hightower or 5010 can turn their hand to anything you want to ride.