Stif Squatch v1.1

Longer, Lower Slacker? Nope. We nailed it first time round.

Our original Hardtail, the Morf, hit the trails in 2016 and rapidly won people’s hearts, generated a core cult following, and what we had initially aimed to be an ideal stable mate to a modern day full suspension bike ended up being a lot of peoples one-bike-to-rule-it-all weapon of choice. It wasn’t long before riders were requesting the same premium ride quality and progressive handling characteristics on a 29er platform. We began to see the benefits of 29er’s with proper geometry, so it got us thinking...

We hit the drawing board, began prototyping, and quickly realised how a 29er chassis would enable us to express our ultimate geometry figures whilst reaping the benefits of bigger, faster wheels. After several prototypes, 1000’s of kilometres of hyper sensitive testing and endless amounts of tweaking we have found the optimum formula, and off the back of this extensive in-house research & development, striving for progressive, safe and fun performance we launched the original Squatch in 2020 to rave reviews and changed perceptions of what a 'hardcore hardtail' could conquer on the trails.

We're now stoked to reveal that the tinkering didn't stop when the Squatch rolled off the shop floor... For 2024 we're introducing the V1.1. Everything you loved about the original Squatch, now in 3 rad new colours and with a fully reworked dropout to make it SRAM UDH compatible.

Still Well Bastard Fast.