GT Sensor ST

Brand New for 2023, the Sensor ST blurs the lines between a short and mid travel bike, opening up endless capabilities. We were pretty excited when we first saw the specs for this one - lots of audible ‘Ooooh’s went around the shop - something about a 120mm rear end and a 140mm fork makes this bike sound a lot of fun!

First rides didn’t disappoint either - the ST is poppy & responsive, allowing you to turn any trail into a playground. It’ll boost lips and roost corners with the best of them, but it’s no one-trick jib pony. That same responsiveness translates to an efficient climber that’s happy to navigate the techiest up’s and will turn on a dime making lightwork of root laden switchbacks of off-camber loam sections

Spot-on geo numbers make the ST the perfect choice for big days in the saddle too, 29” wheels will eat up the miles whether you’re headed out for a big adventure or chasing sunsets on an after-work power hour.

The 140mm front end and 65.4° head angle inspire confidence on the descents, making the ST feel way more capable than you’d expect a ‘short-travel’ bike to be. The proven LTS platform remains balanced and predictable yet agile - you’ll quickly forget the numbers and point the ST at whatever feels the most fun. 

The ST doesn’t come with labels out of the box, if you’re an XC rider, then it’s an XC bike, if you’re downcountry, jibber, adventurer or just about anything else you’ll need 2 wheels to subscribe to, the ST is right there with you.