E-Bikes at Stif

Here at Stif we were fans of E-Bikes from their early days. The ability to get in 4 laps after work instead of one was something we knew we were into from the moment the idea was conceived.

EBikes have been a fixture on our showroom floor for years, but the game changed in 2018 when the Heckler rolled through our doors. The first Emtb from Santa Cruz was worth the wait. Modelled on staff favourite the Bronson and named with a nod to the ground-breaking and fun loving OG Heckler, it was love at first sight. Featuring lower link driven VPP, a well thought out spec, spot-on geometry, the Heckler was everything we love about riding a Santa Cruz, with the added bonus of being able to ride more of what we love.

For those of us that had been suffering through climbs purely for the thrill of the descent, E-Bikes were the dream, the golden ticket to more laps and more fun. Dare we say that somewhere along the way we’ve even been known to enjoy the odd climb on board an E-Bike. For the naysayers, we’ve heard it all before, most likely the third time we lapped some poor bugger still winching up the same fire road as we headed back up for another lap.

With the introduction of the new EP-8 STEPS system for 2021 and two new models added to the range in the Heckler MX and Bullit, there’s no excuses left not to try one. We promise you’ll love every minute.

Check out the range below.

A Closer Look At The Santa Cruz E Bike Range

Performance, Reliability, Fully Supported

These are three traits Santa Cruz bikes are legendary for, so when they build a complete bike they always pair their frames with components that are regarded similarly.

For the all-important drive unit Santa Cruz used entirely Shimano STEPS components - battery, charge port, power button, controllers. This means all parts, service and warranty is available through Shimano and Santa Cruz. Shimano stock e-parts through distributors and retailers the world over, the Shimano E-Tube app can troubleshoot any issues, and there’s already robust retailer training through S-Tec, consumer websites and a network of technical product support teams.

The Shimano motor and battery, as well as the whole parts spec was carefully chosen for performance, reliability and support.


The lower-link VPP design marries the needs for downhill kicks with efficient pedalling prowess, meaning more laps & more fun. Santa Cruz tuned it to have lower anti-squat (to sag) than their regular pedal bikes to allow you to keep pedaling (while seated) where normally you’d start standing. The more active suspension while pedaling creates better traction on technical climbs. But once you start mobbing down the trail the lower-link VPP system provides more mid-stroke and bottom out support than most other designs

CC Carbon Frame

Other bikes in this category rarely adopt carbon because few companies have mastered the manufacturing process. Santa Cruz frames are designed in their Carbon Lab in California, made in their own facility by our their team and have a lifetime warranty.

A full CC carbon frame (front and rear triangle) makes Santa Cruz E Bikes tough and light for whatever you plan to do with it. Like every Santa Cruz, the E-Bikes in the range have quality and easy to maintain pivot hardware, radial bearings (with lifetime replacement support), and a lifetime warranty.

Shimano STEPS

The new Shimano STEPS EP8 motor is lighter (2.6kg - 310g saving over the previous model), more powerful (85Nm) and more efficient than ever (36% less friction). The algorithm of Trail mode has been tuned to allow all 85Nm of power to be harnessed when needed but to not deplete the battery any faster. The motor is very quiet now, reduced to just a whisper of a whir so you can just focus on the sound of rubber on dirt. And it's much smaller in volume so you get more clearance when challenging yourself to making it up and over obstacles that now seem fun to try with the addition of some motor assist.

Removable Battery

Whether it's the 630wh battery on the Bullit or the 504wh battery on the Hecklers, The batteries keep on delivering power for lap after lap.. The battery is fully removable/replaceable using just a keyless 4mm hex latch, meaning on the fly changes for huge backcountry epics are completed trailside with ease.

Smart Spec

The Shimano STEPS system is also devoid of any large, clumsy displays that are impractical in real mountain biking situations. Moreso, there’s less to go wrong or break in case of a tumble.

Santa Cruz used Shimano’s two compact EM800 (color) and E7000 (B&W) displays paired with the EM800 or E-7000 mode switch to create a simple integrated cockpit. The switch is unobtrusive, intuitive and has the best dropper lever compatibility. The Shimano STEPs app can be connected via Bluetooth or plug-in to the Shimano E-Tube app, which allows for powerful management of the assist levels and provides diagnostic capabilities to troubleshoot any issues you may have.

Santa Cruz have also redesigned their Di2 handlebar to offer seamless integration, with internal routing for display wiring. Wherever you look on thier E-Bikes, Santa Cruz have handpicked components for premium performance, lightweight and reliability across the range.

Demo our E-Bike Range at Stif

With so many great bikes to choose from, we know it's hard to choose just one. Our sales staff are always available to help you with your decision, pop into any of our stores for a chat and a cuppa, get in touch or give us a call on 01423 780 738 and we'll be happy to help.

We know that there's really no substitute for throwing a leg over a bike and hitting the trail so we keep a demo fleet of bikes in a range of sizes for you to take out for the day and hit our local trails. Hit the button below for everything you need to know about our demo bikes.