Santa Cruz Syndicate | Puzzlin' ain't easy

We're beyond stoked to be supporting the Syndicate in 2022

Since 2006, the Syndicate has been revered by every team rider on the downhill circuit; and for good reason. With the best kit, the best riders, and even better vibes, its no secret how they have been dominating podiums since they started.

Recently our Bristol shop local Laurie Greenland has joined the Syndicate, and with Nina Hoffman making the jump from our own team too, we were stoked at the chance to support the team for the season with them on board!

After spending some time watching the Syndicate work, their name becomes more and more apparent, due to the level of commitment and importance each member of it plays. Yes, the riders are faster than any of us could conceive, but the support and expertise of the rest of the team is where the Syndicate comes into its own. Check out our summary of the famous ones below, and keep an eye out for our logo on the next World Cup winner’s bike.

The Team

Greg Minnaar

The G.O.A.T.

Need we say more? Over 20 years in the game and still winning races, not to mention the fact that Greg is the current world Champion after taming the notoriously brutal Val Di Sole in 2021. That's 4 Men's World Champs and more Mens World Cup round wins than any other man on the planet. Like we said - the G.O.A.T.

Laurie Greenland

The Local Boy Done Good!

Bristol Born Laurie has been a favourite rider of ours for years, never moreso than when the conditions and track are wild. Lauries absolute disregard for what most of us would consider 'the limit' makes him a constant threat to the podium and an utter joy to watch. We can't wait to see what he'll get up to on the V10! Our Social Media & Events lass Emma thinks it's important that you know Laurie once asked her for a tow into a river gap. There's pics of a baby Laurie as evidence, but we'll keep those secret, for now at least!

Nina Hoffmann

Our Girl's All Grown Up!

2020/2021 gave us the chance to hop aboard for Nina's wild ride from virtual newbie to world-cup winning, bonafide threat to the long-established greats of Womens DH. We loved every minute of it and there's a special place in our hearts for Nina. Always at 110%, Nina rarely finishes a race not on the podium or in a fracture clinic, but here's hoping she can keep it rubber side down and rack up plenty more wins this year. We can't wait to see Nina's full potential unleashed with the support of a factory team!

Jackson Goldstone

The Next Generation

The first time most of us saw Jackson ride he was 10 years old and it was immediately obvious this kid was going to go on to big things. A couple more mind-blowing viral videos later Jackson was in the start gate, rainbow stripes across his chest as Junior world champ, and about to drop into Lourdes aboard his new V10 and take the win. Jackson could have channeled his obscene amounts of talent into any two-wheeled discipline, but we're delighted to see him in a Syndicate Jersey keeping Greg on his toes.

Steve Peat

The Coach.

Steve’s deep knowledge of World Cup training, testing and racing, is matched only by his vast industry and media experience. After three decades in the business this Gandalf of Gravity is still damn fast, bringing unparalleled insights and a touch of old school magic to the team.

The Bike

The most successful bike in downhill history

Puzzled to perfection, every detail of the V10 has been refined over years at the very top of the sport. The worlds best riders have been putting the V10 through it's paces on the worlds toughest tracks season after season with one goal - the top step of the podium. There's some rainbow stripes on Greg's jersey that suggest they've nailed it, not that that's going to stop the puzzling.

Hit the link for everything you need to know about the V10 & to get your hands on one for yourself.

Nina's Bike Check

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