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Introducing the Rocky Mountain Instinct & Altitude Powerplay

The Instinct Powerplay alloy has launched as Rocky Mountain's first 29” e-MTB along with the introduction of the alloy Altitude Powerplay.
We were blown away when we got the chance to throw a leg over ther Altitude, it's everything we ever dreamed an E-Bike could be, thanks largely to the fantastic Dyname Drive System.
When we found out Rocky Mountain were releasing Alloy versions of the Altitude as well as the all-new Instinct powerplay, we knew we had to get involved. Here's a sneak peek at why we're so excited...

Instinct Powerplay AlloyRock Mountain Instinct

The Instinct Powerplay alloy has launched as Rocky Mountain's first 29” e-MTB along with the introduction of the alloy Altitude Powerplay. We were blown away when we got the chance to throw a leg over ther Altitude, it's everything we ever dreamed an E-Bike could be, thanks largely to the fantastic Dyname Drive System.

The Instinct Powerplay alloy is a 29” wheel platform (27.5+ compatible), has 140mm travel front and rear, and is designed for high efficiency riding and long days in the saddle. The Instinct will take you to the places you never thought were possible. Whether you're heading out for an epic ride, lapping trail center loops or stealing the last half an hour of light after work, the Instinct will take you further and faster than ever before.

"The mountain bike scene has changed so much in the last decade, but I think it’s only getting better. The Instinct Powerplay is the perfect blend of assisted riding with the same fun, fast rolling 29 wheel I’ve come to love. There's not much more I would add to my stable of bikes than something that lets me squeeze in even more riding (in my fully packed life). Now I don’t need to hesitate on whether or not I have time for a ride because with the Instinct Powerplay, there’s always time."
Andreas Hestler
Rocky Mountain Instinct Action -1
Rocky Mountain Instincy Action - 2
Rocky Mountain Instinct Action - 3

Altitude Powerplay Alloy

Rocky Mountain Altitude
Rocky Mountain have taken the Altitude’s legendary handling and ride quality, integrated a powerful drive system to create the most capable e-MTB in the market and it's now even more accessable in it's alloy incarnation. A 27.5" wheeled, 150/160mm travel trail slaying machine sporting progressive geometry, a well-thought out finishing kit and the innovative Dyname 3.0 Drive System, all combining seamlessly - you'll forget it's an E-Bike while you pop off every lip, rock and root for lap after lap of your favourite trail. The Altitude allows you to push boundaries further than you believed possible, and it'll leave you grinning like a cheshire cat every time you do, if you don't want to take our word for it, Wade Simmons - the godfather of freeride - had the following to say...

“The Altitude Powerplay has become my go-to mountain bike and living on the North Shore I've had the chance to put it through its paces. I'm not going to ride the Altitude Powerplay on my everyday loop, it's a tool to push my mountain bike boundaries further - push them to a point I wouldn't have otherwise realized. The Altitude Powerplay isn’t a new chapter of mountain biking for me, it's a whole new book and the story is epic!”
Wade Simmons
Rocky Mountain Altitude Action - 1
Rocky Mountain Altitude Action - 2
Rocky Mountain Altitude Action - 3

Dyname 3.0 Drive System

Designed in Canada, in collaboration with Propulsion Powercycle, the Dyname™ 3.0 drive system is a sleek, lightweight, and powerful electric assist that pushes the boundaries of electric bikes. Its compact, low-mounted motor allows Rocky Mountain to design electric mountain bikes to their suspension and handling standards—with proper geometry and ideal pivot placement. The system provides classleading torque, instant power response, and super-fast charging.

Rocky Mountain developed their own drive system so they could maintain the geometry, handling, and ride characteristics that their bikes are known for. The battery is stored within the downtube of the frames and the drive system itself is nicely tucked above the bottom bracket at the base of the seat tube.

The Rocky Mountain drive system allows for an instant, natural power response that makes for an intuitive ride thanks to an in-line torque sensor. With this sensor, the power rolls on and rolls off smoothly resulting in greater bike control from the rider. This means no more spinning out on climbs, you have the ability to soft pedal technical sections or tight switchbacks, and an overall increased level of confidence as you approach and exit corners.

• High efficiency, three-phase brushless motor provides class leading torque
• 48v battery voltage for fast-charging and heat management in high-torque scenarios
• To prevent creaking and wear, pedaling forces are isolated from the drive system via a bottom bracket shell that is integral to the frame itself
• Increased stiffness thanks to structural motor casing
• Compact, low-profile motor design with reinforced motor casing and integrated motor-brace bashguard
• Display-free with a low-profile remote for a pure ride experience
• Bar-mounted remote displays assist level, battery level, and diagnostics; controls three assist levels and “walk” mode
• Optional ebikemotion mobile app (iOS & Android) connects via Bluetooth and provides a wide range of system customization, reach estimates, ride tracking, and more
• Available with a massive 632Wh lithium-ion battery (70 level) or 500Wh lithium-ion battery (50 level)
• Minimal drag when exceeding the motor speed or when drive system is disengaged thanks to crankset clutch and elimination of traditional e-bike gearbox
• Based on a third-generation electric drive system that's been in development since 2010
• Strong regional dealer service support
• Wear items (BB, drive sprocket) are shop-serviceable with common shop tools
• Works with standard Race Face bottom bracket and crankset
• Charge fast, then charge hard: ultra-fast charge times of 1 hour 40 minutes (to 80%) with the 500Wh battery, or 2 hours (to 80%) with the 632Wh battery

Want to know more? Head over to the product pages below to see specs & geo for both bikes or pop into our summerbridge store and take one of our demo bikes for a spin!